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postcard 021

Original czech description of this postcard: Uherske Hradiste – komenskeho nam. (1900), dnesi Masarykovo nam. Uherské Hradištì was founded in 1257 by the Czech king Otakar II. The city is a center of Moravian Slovakia, a region known for its characteristic folklore, music, wine, costumes and traditions. The historic city center is historically preserved.

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Animals of Florida

postcard 019

Animals of Florida – just some of Florida’s beautiful wildlife

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Florida – the Land of Flowers

`postcard 020

Florida – the “Land of Flowers”, offers a vast selection of colorful tropical growth to delight the visitor’s eye. Among the most popular is Hibiscus which grows in abundance throughout the state. Blooming all the year round, it bursts into flower with the early morning light, dancing in the sun to add its color to the rainbow of colors that are evident wherever one looks.

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A bridge in Novograd

postcard 018

This is a russian (USSR) postcard from late 80s. It has no text nor description – only one word “Novograd” on the back side. Could someone help me to identify this location? Is this Nizhny Novgorod colloquially shortened as Nizhny?

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Twin Towers – Tribute to 9/11

postcard 017

It is a postcard showing World Trade Center. This card comes from late 90s. The World Trade Center was most famous for its Twin Towers. These two skyscrapers, the North Tower and the South Tower, were once the tallest buildings in the world. They had 110 floors each. The Twin Towers and the WTC building 7 were destroyed in the September 11, 2001 attacks while the other buildings were damaged beyond repair.

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