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Nebraska map on a postcard

Nebraska was organized as a territory in 1854 and admitted to the Union as a state on March 1, 1867. The name was taken from the Otoe Indian word “Nebrathka”, meaning “flat water” and referring to the Platte River.

  • State flower – Goldenrod
  • State bird – Western Meadowlark
  • State tree – American Elm

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Everything is bigger in Texas

A funny postcard from Texas:

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The common brushtail

The common brushtail is the most familiar and abundant of Australian Possums, frequently cohabitating with humans.

postcard 014

The Tasmania Brushtail Possum is under threat. There are plans to increase the numbers killed under commercial licence from 10,000 to around 100,000. Join the campaign to protect these intelligent and beautiful creatures.

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St Anne’s Church is the most beautiful example of Late Gothic in Lithuania. The construction works lasted almost a century, completed only in 1581. Since then the exterior has almost not changed. The facade was created using no less than 33 different kinds of brick – different colours, different shapes – giving it an extraordinary look. The bell tower, in Neogothic style, was added in 1874.

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