The Cies islands archipelago is situated in the Ria of Vigo mouth, in Pontevedra province, Spain. The Cies consist of three islands, Monteagudo or North island, the Faro island or Middle one and San Martin~o or the South island.

Islas Cies - Ria De Vigo, Spain

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Most of the island trees are eucalyptus and reforestation pines. There are also some ash trees and chestnuts. In the dunes live gramineas like the “feo de playa”. There are a lot of white and yellow daisies,cardoons and “hierba de enamorar”. In Cíes live small lizards, rats and some rabbits. The more frecuently seen birds are seagulls and marine ravens.

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Satellite image of Islas Cies, Spain

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Islas Cies – Ria De Vigo, Spain

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