Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia has grown from a tin-mining settlement to the present cosmopolitan and modern city of impressive and inspiring high-rise buildings and towers. The city is located inland, at the confluence of Klang and Gombak River. Kuala Lumpur is the focal point of new Malaysia. While the city’s past is still present in the evocative British colonial buildings of the Dataran Merdeka and the midnight lamps of the Petaling Street nightmarket, that past is everywhere met with insistent reminders of KL’s present and future.

kuala lumpur skyline (malaysia)

In the same way, the city brings together Malaysia’s past and present, its many constituent cultures, and even its remarkable natural treasures, allowing first-time visitors an invaluable opportunity to see Malaysia as a whole before setting off to explore its parts. Kuala Lumpur is easily the largest city in the nation, possessing a population of over one and a half million people drawn from all of Malaysia’s many ethnic group.

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Satellite image of Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur Cityscape, Malaysia

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