Lima Virreynal – Vistas variadas de la Ciudad, Lima, Peru. Lima (the capital of Peru) is a vast, polluted metropolis in the middle of Peru’s desert coastline, Lima is an economic magnet for struggling highland and Amazonian villagers. A vibrant city with friendly people, it quickly snares the curious traveler with fine museums, striking architecture and richly historical neighborhoods.

Lima Virreynal - Vistas variadas de la Ciudad

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Lima runs at a slower pace than many South American metropolises; its rhythm is more traditional, and its people reflect a steadier, calmer constitution. Lima’s unusually amenable inhabitants give the metropolis the feeling, at times, of a cluster of smaller towns. Lima’s physical atmosphere is slightly dreamlike, mostly because of the garua – a mist that settles over the city between May and October.

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Satellite image of Lima, Peru

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Lima Virreynal, Peru

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