The Omodos village in Cyprus is situated in 11 km southwest of Platres. A wine producing village, once the property of Sir John De Brie, Prince of Galilee, with the Monastery of Stavros, ‘Holy Cross’, standing by the stone-paved square. The monastery contains old icons, excellent wood carving and other ecclesiastical objects of interest, as well as a small National Struggle Museum. A traditional wine press known as ‘linos’, has been restored in an old house.

Omodos - Cyprus

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Omodos – Monastery of Stavros. The Monastery of the Holy Cross is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries on Cyprus. According to legend, the Monastery was established before St. Helen’s arrival in Cyprus in 327 AD, when she left a part of the Holy Rope and the Holy Rood in the Monastery. This was the rope with which the Romans bound Christ to the Cross.

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Omodos – Cyprus

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