La Rosa Nautica (Nautic Rose) is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Lima. The restaurant is built on pilings out away from the shore and literally sits on top of the pounding waves. It is located on a pier right on the water, so you can have lunch at a terrace from where you see the surfers just 20 meters away catching waves.

Restaurante La Rosa Nautica in Lima, Peru

La Rosa Náutica offers a public eager for new experiences the most complete selection of Peruvian and International cuisine, as well as the most sophisticated bar to be found on the Pacific shores. Rosa Nautica fulfills all senses: taste – probably one of the best restaurants in all of South America; sight – the waves break beneath your table; smell – between the aromas from the kitchen and the salt air, it’s heaven.

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Satellite image of La Rosa Nautica, Lima, Peru – Espigón 4 Circuito de Playas, Lima 18 – Perú

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Restaurante La Rosa Nautica in Lima, Peru

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