San Francisco skyline and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Sunset provides an enchanting skyline casting elongated shadows towards the graceful arches of the Bay Bridge created by the skyscrapers of this beautiful city.

San Francisco skyline and the Oakland Bay Bridge

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Conceived in the Gold Rush Days, a bridge spanning the San Francisco Bay linking The cities of San Francisco and Oakland always seemed like an engineering and financial impossibility. The water separating the cities was too deep and wide. In fact, in 1921 a transbay underwater tube crossing was recommended as the best way of crossing the bay. However this idea was soon deemed inappropriate for automobile traffic.

Satellite image of the Oakland Bay Bridge

The bridge consists of two major spans connecting each shore with Yerba Buena Island, a natural outcropping located mid-bay. The western crossing, from San Francisco to the island, consists of two suspension bridges end-to-end with an anchorage, plus three shorter truss spans connecting the San Francisco landing to the western cable anchorage located on Rincon Hill. The eastern span between Yerba Buena Island and Oakland consists of a double-tower cantilever span, five medium-span truss bridges, and a 14 section truss causeway.

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San Francisco skyline and the Oakland Bay Bridge, California

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