Slovenske Konjice is located in the Dravinja Valley (Dravinjska Dolina) in northeastern Slovenia. It has a population of 13,600. One hundred kilometers from Ljubljana, it is easily reachable by expressway and via the sport airport in Loce. The town of Slovenske Konjice is located between the winegrowing hills of Skalce and the forest greenery of Konjiska gora.

Slovenske Konjice - Dravinjska dolina - Slovenia

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Here the Gospodicna stream rises and runs through the old town core from Trebnik Castle to the Dravinja Hotel, from the old to the new. The beauties of this 850-year-old town line the Gospodicna from Trebnik Castle past the Sv. Jurij parish church and the Riemer Gallery to the pedestrian bridge across the Dravinja River to the more modern section of town.

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Satellite image of Slovenske Konjice

Slovenske Konjice – Dravinjska Dolina – Slovenia

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