For students looking for a college combining a tradition of academic excellence and experimental vision with a fresh perspective on training this country’s future leaders, the University of Rochester (UR) deserves consideration. It is the smallest research university in the nation. What distinguishes UR from other great private universities is that it puts students in the driver’s seat. And for any pothole in college, the university seems to have the patch.

The University of Rochester's campus center

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Students at UR are the entrepreneurs of their education. The Rochester Curriculum not only alters the educational formation of every student on campus; it also changes the culture of the campus, with students eager to mold themselves into better people and the world around them a better place. This notion goes right to the heart of the university’s motto: meliora, meaning “always better,” which isn’t just a principle to stand on but something with which the university walks every day.

Online map of The University of Rochester’s campus center

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The University of Rochester’s campus center

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