An aerial view of coastline near Tolo in Greece. The village of Tolo, primarily a fishing village located in the county of Argolida has a spectacular beauty sprawling out along the picturesque beach and surrounded by a protective circle of mountains, having the advantages of being both open and secluded. Its situation is perfect for any kind of holiday, lending its crystal clear waters and sandy beach to a lazy beach vacation for singles, couples or families alike, highly recommended for swimming, watersports, fishing or perfect for a more upbeat taste of culture.

aerial view of coastline near Tolo in Greece

Penpals from Greece

Tolo is one of the busiest tourist towns we have seen in Greece, and it attracts mainly a youthful population from northern Europe. As such the streets of Tolo come to life after 10:00 pm, and the nearby beach is packed with people during the day. Tolo has something to offer for everyone and along with its natural beauty an excellent choice for a holiday in the sun!

Online map of Tolo in Greece:

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Tolo in Greece

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