I have been collecting postcards for several years and I think this is a very interesting hobby. I have hundreds of postcards from over 120 countries in my collection and I decided to share them on this website. Some of them are very beatiful, colorful and original; others are just normal viewcards from distant places. I hope this blog will be useful for people who are interested in collecting postcards, viewcards or stamps from all over the world.

Each post contains a postcard and its short description. I post either the original text from the current postcard or some general information on this particular place found on the Internet. I also add links to the satellite map (provided by Google Maps) of the place where the current postcard comes from and to some other web sites related to this region of the world. I thnik this makes my blog interesting – you can explore my postcard collection, read about unique places and also view them on a satellite map. Isn’t it just cool?

I also write about other collectibles from my collection such as paper money from mamy countries. I am open to any suggestions and comments so please feel free to share your opinion about this blog and items that I publish.

You are also invited to view my photos at Flickr:

If you prefer to contact me by e-mail just write to

adam at postcardexchange . net

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