Postcards have been a popular means of communication and collecting for over a century. For collectors (deltiologists) and penpals alike, postcards offer a tangible and visual connection to people, places, and history. In this article, we explore the world of postcard collecting and exchange, focusing on the clubs, societies, and events that bring enthusiasts together.

The Allure of Postcards

Postcards are more than just a simple piece of paper with an image and some text. They are a snapshot of history, capturing moments in time and preserving them for future generations. Collectors and penpals alike are drawn to postcards for various reasons, such as their connection to hometowns, occupations, family history, or places visited.

Postcards can showcase a range of subjects, from scenic landscapes and famous landmarks to art and cultural events. The art of cursive writing, often found on vintage postcards, adds an additional layer of nostalgia and beauty to these treasures.

Postcard Clubs and Societies: Connecting Collectors

Joining a postcard club or society is an excellent way to connect with other collectors, share knowledge, and expand your collection. These organizations often host meetings, shows, and events where members can buy, sell, and trade postcards. Collectors can also benefit from expert advice on postcard care, dating, and preservation.

United States Postcard Clubs

  1. Arizona: Tucson Post Card Exchange Club
  2. Missouri: Gateway Post Card Club of St. Louis
  3. Hawaii: Hawaii Postcard Club
  4. Pennsylvania: Lancaster County Postcard Club
  5. California: San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club
  6. Washington, D.C.: The Capitol Beltway Postcard Club

International Postcard Clubs

  1. Australia & New Zealand: Queensland Card Collectors Society
  2. Czech Republic: KSP Orbis Pictus
  3. Japan: Postcard and Paper Collectible Club of Japan
  4. Norway: Norske Postkortsamlere
  5. South Africa: The Postcard Society of Southern Africa

Specialist Societies

  1. The Rotograph Society: Focused on Rotograph postcards, a popular early 20th-century publisher.

Online Postcard Communities and Exchanges

In addition to traditional clubs and societies, online communities offer another avenue for postcard collectors and penpals to connect. Websites such as Postcrossing and Swap-bot facilitate postcard exchanges among members from around the world. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also host numerous postcard-focused groups, where members can share images of their favorite cards and engage in discussions about postcard history and collecting.

Postcard Shows and Events

Postcard shows and events provide a unique opportunity for collectors to browse thousands of postcards, network with other enthusiasts, and purchase rare and valuable items. Some notable postcard shows include:

  1. Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City: Hosting a two-day show every November, featuring dealers from around the world.
  2. Toronto Postcard Club: Annual Show and Sale for members and the public, offering a wide variety of cards for purchase.
  3. Webfooters Postcard Club: Portland, Oregon
Postcards: Connecting Collectors and Penpals Around the World

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