An international city with miles of old-world charm, Budapest lies on the Danube River (Duna as it is called) in the Hungarian interior. Celtic, Roman and Christian ruins help to color Attila the Hun’s ancient stomping grounds.

Budapest - Interesting facts about the capital of Hungary

  • The Huns conquered the area of Budapest (Pannonia) in 409
  • Buda and Pest merged into one combined city in 1873
  • The royal castle and walled city date to the mid-thirteenth century after the invasion of the Tatars
  • The Historical Museum of Budapest is famous for its medieval collections
  • The best time to visit the Parliament House is when the Parliament is not in session; guided tours offer a chance to see all its exquisite attractions
  • Budapest contains roughly 120 thermal springs to which tourists flock from all over the world
  • At the time of its construction in 1903, Budapest’s Elizabeth Bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge
Budapest – Interesting facts about the capital of Hungary

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