A tourist region par excellence, Sintra is one of the most delightful places to be found in Portugal. With its extensive range of green bills with its crags – the Serra de Sintra – so picturesquely situated and offering stupendous views of the coastline with its impressive beauty, Sintra is indeed “a garden of the earthly paradise”.

Sintra in Portugal

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Sintra has remained even nowadays the “noble town surrounded by many estates, pleasant woods with plentiful springs of excellent water”, referred to by various old authors. Sintra is both a town and a municipality in the Lisbon Coast/aka Estoril Coast region of Portugal. Its spectacular setting, 28km from Lisbon, houses a Royal Palace, used by generations of Portuguese royalty prior to the 1910 revolution. The surrounding hills are surmounted by the remains of the Moorish Castle and by the nineteenth-century Pena Palace.Historic Sintra is an heritage patrimony sight declared by UNESCO.

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Sintra in Portugal

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  • May 30, 2008 at 09:46

    The best way to see this region is to put on your walking boots and explore many of the wonderful places the tourist crowds on buses avoid.
    see http://www.lookgofind.com for a guide on some great walks in the hills.

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