Yet another postcard from Costa Rica showing a beautiful sunrise at Cahuita National Park (Parque Nacional Cahuita). Cahuita National Park is located just south of the town of Cahuita, about 43 kilometers south of Limón, on the Caribbean coastline in one of the most beautiful and scenic regions in Costa Rica. Its main attractions are the white sand beaches fringed with endless coconut trees, a calm sea of transparent waters and the coral reefs just offshore. The Cahuita National Park protects beaches and lowlands of the southern Caribbean coastal region of Costa Rica.

Sunrise at Cahuita National Park

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 The tropical forest shelters various animals, among which are the following: pacas, racoons, Northern tamanduas, opposums, porcupines and capuchin monkeys. The marshes in the park contain many other animals, like the green iguanas, basilisks, gigantic blue crabs and many species of birds, like frigatebirds, green ibis, blue herons, gulls and others. Cahuita is also known for its coral reef.

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Sunrise at Cahuita National Park

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