Tropical breezes and quiet waters to enjoy on the Florida Coast. As a subtropical region with a very lengthy coastline, Florida is particularly at risk from storms and hurricanes. Weather forecasts are therefore very important to the people and the economy of the state. Particular attention is given to preparation for hurricanes including the evacuation of people to safety. Florida’s extensive coast line made it a perceived target during World War II, so the government built airstrips all around the state.

florida coast

Florida’s coastline with its many islands and coral reefs has been particularly dangerous for shipping. In the Keys many people made their living from salvaging wrecks until a proper system of lighthouses and coastal protection was established. Florida’s coastline consists of four main types of environment. The sandy beaches are most famous as the nesting sites of sea turtles. Along the south west coast and the Keys the mangrove swamp is the main environment. The other two coastal environments of Florida are the coral reefs and the salt marshes and estuaries.

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Florida Coast

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