National War Memorial, Confederation Square and the Chateau Laurier. The National War Memorial in Ottawa is located in the centre of Confederation Square at the intersection of Wellington, Sparks, and Elgin Streets (across from the Chateau Laurier). It was designed originally to commemorate the 60,000 Canadians who died in the First World War. The competition for the memorial’s design, announced in 1925, was open to British subjects and to subjects of nations allied with the British Empire during the war. It stipulated that, while the spirit of heroism and self-sacrifice should be commemorated, there should be no attempt to glorify war.

national war memorial - ottawa

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This memorial is also known as The Response. The National War Memorial is the site of the nationally televised Remembrance Day ceremony every year on November 11. Along with Canadian war veterans, the ceremony is attended by the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and other important members of the government and other groups and organizations.

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Satellite image of the National War Memorial in Ottawa

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National War Memorial, Ottawa, Canada

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