Victoria is known as Canada’s “City of Gardens”, and a myriad of flower beds and hanging baskets adorn Victoria’s picturesque Inner Harbour. The Victoria Parliament Buildings also known as BC Government Parliament Buildings are located in city of Victoria. These buildings are spread over 12 and half 1/2 acres (5 hectares) on a street across Inner Harbor of Victoria. Victoria Parliament Buildings were built in 1893 by architect Francis Rattenbury.

Victoria Parliament Buildings

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The architect was just 25 years of age when he created these buildings. The Parliament Buildings were constructed in the honor of Queen Victoria when she celebrated her diamond jubilee. The Parliament Buildings become even more attractive illuminated with more than 3,000 light bulbs. It’s not a seasonal thing as the bulbs are illuminated nightly year round. Viewing the Inner Harbor from these Parliament Buildings, especially during night is a never forgetting experience.

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Satellite image of the Victoria Parliament Buildings

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