The Humber Bridge opened by M.H. the Queen on 17th July 1981. Technical details of this bridge:

  • Main Span: 1,410m.
  • Side Spans: North Bank 280m, South Bank: 530m.
  • Total Length: 2,220m. Clearance over water: 30m.
  • Weight of Steel: 30,000 tonnes.
  • Weight of Cables: 11,000 tonnes.
  • Weight of Concrete: 480,000 tonnes.

The Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge, which was completed in 1981, held the record for the longest span in the world. It’s record wasn’t broken until 1998 when the Storebelt and the East Bridge, Denmark was completed. The Humber Bridge is truly a work of art, with a main span length of 4,624 ft. The Humber Bridge still holds the record for the longest single span suspension bridge in the world.

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Construction of the Humber Bridge begun in 1973 and took 8 years. It remained the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world for many years and is still the longest in Europe (3rd in the world). The distance between the towers is approximately 1,400 m and the bridge today links North Lincolnshire on the south bank with the East Riding of Yorkshire to the north.

Online map of The Humber Bridge:

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The Humber Bridge

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