Victorian homes line Steiner Street as seen from Alamo Park. This is one of the most photographed vistas of the city. The Victorians here on postcard row (Alamo Square/ Steiner Street) are probably no more picturesque than in many other parts of the city, but the location on Alamo Square provides a wonderful backdrop – if you take your pictures from here, the San Francisco skyline is visible right behind the row of “painted ladies” on Steiner Street – a wonderful image at the right time of day (late afternoon). With the light on the city behind the Victorians, you’re almost guaranteed a memorable shot.

postcard row - painted ladies - san francisco

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This is perhaps the most photographed vista in the city. It was made famous initially on postcards sent around the world. It is the contrast of skyscrapers with Victorian buildings that is so engaging. And for the city, it illustrates its ability to embrace what is new and modern without turning its back on its cherished (though brief) history. This is an easy place to take photographs because of the park across the street.

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Satellite image of The Postcard Row – Painted Ladies

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The Postcard Row – Painted Ladies, San Francisco

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    Hello my name is Patricia and I am permanently disabled as well as homebound. Is
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