How many bridges are there in Wroclaw? Around about 220. Wroclaw has many bridges going over the Oder(Odra) and its tributaries. Before World War II, the city had 303 bridges but most of them were destroyed during the war. Some of them were later rebuilt.

There are about 220 bridges in Wroclaw

What is the German name for Wroclaw? Breslau. The first name in German for Wroclaw was Prezla, then Presslau and then finally Breslau. It is thought that the name “Wroclaw” originated from Johannes Wrotizlaensis who was the Bishop of the area. Incorrect answers: Wrocislaw is the medieval Polish name, Wratislavia and Vratislavia are both medieval Czech names used for Wroclaw.

Photos showing Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland

There are about 220 bridges in Wroclaw

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