The Karkonosze are the highest range of the Sudetes. The Karkonosze make a uniform massif of generally level height, overhung by just a few peaks of relative height up to 100 m (e.g. Wielki Szyszak, 1509 m a.s.l.). Only the peak of Sniezka (1602 m a.s.l.) is distinguished by noticeable relative height and conic shape. A distinctive feature of the Karkonosze is the presence of granite rock groups, e.g. Slonecznik (Sunflower), Konskie Lby (Horse Heads) or Pielgrzymy (Pilgrims).

karkonosze - szrenica

The features of the Karkonosze are strangely shaped rock formations, post-glacial lakes, bogs, and steep pot-holes. There are also a shelter-homes for tourists. One of them is the oldest hostel in the Polish Mountains – called Samotnia.


At the foot of Sniezka (480 – 850 m above the sea level) lies Karpacz, one of the most popular holiday resorts. A thirteenth-century timber temple called Wang was brought to this town from South Norway in the ninteenth century. In the Karpacz region snow remains late in spring, sometimes until April.

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Karkonosze – Szrenica

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