This is the third postcard from Koprivnica in my collection. It says Pozdrav iz Kropivnice which means Greetings from Koprivnica.

The town is also home to a number of museums and galleries, most notably the Koprivnica Gallery which houses a collection of Niave style works connected to the nearby Hlebine School. These pieces, from the 1930s onward, are generally known for depicting peasant life and rural scenes through vivid colors. The Town Museum (Gradski Muzej) has a number of archeological and historical displays.


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Koprivnica developed significantly in the 20th century with the advent of the Podravka food industry, known worldwide for its Vegeta spice. They even have an alimentary museum of Podravka. Worth mentioning is the annual “motifs of Podravina” event when the whole town becomes a gallery of nai”ve art. Many of the Croatian greatest naive artists come from the villages along the Drava in this county, notably Ivan Generaliæ.

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Pozdrav iz Koprivnice, Croatia

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