Located on Ottawa’s famous Sussex Drive, The National Gallery of Canada, an architectural masterpiece of steel, stone and glass, houses a selection of artistic treasures. The National Gallery of Canada is a striking landmark against the Capital’s skyline. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie and opened in 1988 at its current location on Sussex Drive, this treasure house in granite and glass is the home of Canada’s exceptional art collection.

The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa

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As a national museum, the National Gallery of Canada cooperates with a vast network of art museums in all regions of this country and abroad. Electronically-controlled blinds and diffusing lenses protect the art from too much sunlight. The lower galleries are partly lit by daylight through an ingenious system of skylights and mirrored light shafts. Many of the paintings in the Gallery’s collection of Canadian art have been reproduced on Canadian postage stamps.

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The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa

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