This colorful postcard shows Katerini Beach (Paralia) in Greece. Katerini is a beauty in itself residing at the base of Mount Olympus and facing the Aegea Sea. A large number of pretty villages surround Katerini and are worth a visit. Litohoro and Leptokaria are must-sees during the summer as they are resort villages right near the sea. Litohoro, in particular, is a beautiful village that is often referred to as the gateway to Mount Olympus, home of the Olympian gods and goddesses.

Paralia Katerini

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On the other side of Katerini are Paralia and Katerinoskala. These two seaside towns are about 7Km away from the city of Katerini and get really busy during the summer, due to their proximity to the beach, abundance of hotel rooms, and, in the case of Paralia, a variety of night clubs. Paralia Katerini is one of the most famous seaside resort in Pieria and northern Greece. It’s also completely new place, very crowded, noisy and touristy. The finniest spot we found there was this white church on the Promenade, directly on the seashore.

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Paralia Katerini

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