This panoramic helicopter view of Pittsburgh’s Renaissance II skyline captures the most unique city in America.. but most people around the U.S.A. and Europe never realize how beautiful this city is. Discover the magic of Pittsburgh and you’ll wish you didn’t have to leave.

Renaissance II Skyline, Pittsburgh, PA

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Renaissance II began in the 1980s, and saw several new skyscrapers rise towards the clouds. One PPG Place, Oxford Centre eclipsed 40-stories, and the new headquarters of Mellon Bank, One Mellon Center, rose to 54 stories, making it also visible to the southern communities.

Satellite image of Renaissance II, Pittsburgh

Some of the buildings that were made during the renaissance II period were The CNG Tower (now Dominion Tower), 5th Avenue Place, PPG Place, One Oxford Centre, One Mellon Tower, The Federated Tower, The Westin Hotel, and the original David L. Lawrence Convention Center (later demolished re-built). In addition to these buildings, Pittsburgh’s subway began operating in 1985.

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Pittsburgh Landmark Scenics – Renaissance II Skyline

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    Yeah, the subway. Does it still have only 4 stops? 😉

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