In my personal opinion Google Maps along with Google Earth are the best online map resources that gives us an unique chance to see detailed maps and satellite views of almost every corner of the world.

Some time ago Google announced a new feature: personalized map. This tools lets you add your favourite locations as “pins” on the map, you can also add your personal traces such as “my way to school” etc. It’s very enjoyable.

I started my own map and called it “Postcards Around The World”. I am going to add new pin for every postcard that I put on this blog. I think this is a nice idea 🙂

Postcards Around The World at Google Maps

One thought on “Postcards Around The World at Google Maps

  • April 11, 2007 at 05:11

    Congratulations your site is very didatic .
    A nice place to trade and make friends.

    Hugs from Brazil

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