This a bit old postcard shows an unknown roman bridge somewhere in Galicia, Spain. If you know this location feel free to leave your comment. Roman bridges, built by ancient Romans, were the first large and lasting bridges built.

Puento Romano - Roman Bridge in Galicia

Roman bridges were built with stone and had the arch as its basic structure. Ancient Roman bridges were an achievement in itself: as might be expected, the greatest difficulty when building a bridge across water is the construction of the supporting pillars rather than the arches which span across them.

The name Galicia comes from the Latin name Gallaecia, associated with the name of the ancient Celtic tribe that resided above the Douro river, the Gallaeci or Callaeci in Latin, and Kallaikoi in Greek (these tribes were mentioned by Herodotus).

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Puento Romano – Roman Bridge in Galicia, Spain

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