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Lysefjord near Stavanger, Norway

The rock called Prekestolen (The Pulpit) on Lysefjord near Stavanger in Norway. The fjord was carved by the action of glaciers in the ice ages and was flooded by the sea when the later glaciers retreated. End to end, it measures 23 mileswith rocky walls falling nearly vertically over 3,000 ft into the water.

lysefjord - norway

Lysefjord is an extremely popular tourist attraction and day trip from nearby Stavanger, from where cruise ships travel the full distance of the fjord.

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Stavanger is Norway’s fourth largest city with 110.000 inhabitants. Nearly 7% have a birthplace other than Norway. The town center is for shopping, relaxation, movies and nightlife. You can drive around the town, but the roads in the center are for pedestrians only.

stavanger, norway

Stavanger delights visitors, both vacationers and conference participants, from all over the world. This part of Fjord Norway in the county of Rogaland has many beautiful sights, mountains, picturesque islands, waterfalls and plains.

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On this postcard you can see a beautiful place in Mauritius – the beach called Trou-aux-biches. Trou aux Biches is set in an enchanting environment. The atmosphere represents a typical Mauritian village with its traditional charm and gentle way of life. An exceptional site, with its open spaces, tropical architecture, romantic thatched bungalows and palm-shaded tropical gardens.


Trou aux Biches has become a landmark of Mauritian tourism, captivating thousands of guests, a high percentage of whom become repeat visitors at the hotel.

Satellite map of Trou-aux-biches.
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A terrain resembling a desolate moonscape greets the visitor here. Caves and craters hide among mountains of black cinders and cones of lava. Early moon mission astronauts trained here.

craters of the moon idaho

Satellite map of this location.
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The picturesque Saginaw River provides shipping and recreational activities as well as many scenic vistas. The Michigan Bell Telephone Company building is a landmark located along the river in downtown Saginaw.

saginaw - michigan

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