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Porto – Piana, Corsica

Porto is situated on the Western Coast at the end of a Gulf which bears its name, lined-up in the South by Piana and its calanches in the North by the peninsula of Girolata. A little seaside resort on the west coast, Porto is famous for its dazzling sunsets – one of the most magnificent in the Mediterranean. Boasting an unusual Genoese watch tower and bordered by red granite cliffs, it is unsurprising that Porto has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a little pebble beach, but beware as it does get very busy in the summer months.

porto - piana, corsica

The road from Porto to Piana is one of the most awe-inspiring in the world. The Calanches de Piana, spiky red granite rocks jutting straight out of the sea, some rising to 1000ft. The colour of these rocks changes from deep orange to russet red and all the hues in between according to the time of day.

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Satellite image of Porto, Corsica

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National War Memorial, Confederation Square and the Chateau Laurier. The National War Memorial in Ottawa is located in the centre of Confederation Square at the intersection of Wellington, Sparks, and Elgin Streets (across from the Chateau Laurier). It was designed originally to commemorate the 60,000 Canadians who died in the First World War. The competition for the memorial’s design, announced in 1925, was open to British subjects and to subjects of nations allied with the British Empire during the war. It stipulated that, while the spirit of heroism and self-sacrifice should be commemorated, there should be no attempt to glorify war.

national war memorial - ottawa

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This memorial is also known as The Response. The National War Memorial is the site of the nationally televised Remembrance Day ceremony every year on November 11. Along with Canadian war veterans, the ceremony is attended by the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and other important members of the government and other groups and organizations.

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Satellite image of the National War Memorial in Ottawa

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Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

Rockefeller Center is an art deco marvel consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 11 acres in midtown Manhattan from 49th to 52nd Streets, Fifth to Seventh Avenues. The Center is a combination of two building complexes: the older and original 14 Art Deco office buildings from the 1930s, and a set of four International-style towers built along the Avenue of the Americas during the 1960s and 1970s.

rockefeller center postcard

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The Top of the Rock observation deck — recently reopened after a 20-year closure — offers magnificent New York City views (including the nearby spires of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building). In nice weather, the Channel Gardens (so called because they lie in the space between La Maison Francaise and the British Empire Building) are a nice place to relax for a few moments.

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Satellite image of the Rockefeller Center

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The Canadian beaver (Castor Canadensis) is the largest rodent in North America. They are relatively short and fat and have webbed feet to help them swim. Beavers are found in streams and lakes in both remote and settled areas. They live in family groups. Beavers are almost entirely aquatic, but can go on land to cut down trees for their dams. The entrances to their lodges are sub-surfaced for protection from predators.

canadian beaver

Beavers are mainly active at night. They are excellent swimmers but are more vulnerable on land and tend to remain in the water as much as possible. They construct their homes, or “lodges,” out of sticks, twigs, and mud in lakes or streams. These lodges may be surrounded by water, or touching land, including burrows dug into river banks. One of the national symbols of Canada, the beaver is depicted on the Canadian five-cent piece and was on the first Canadian postage stamp, the Three Penny Beaver.

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Florida Coast

Tropical breezes and quiet waters to enjoy on the Florida Coast. As a subtropical region with a very lengthy coastline, Florida is particularly at risk from storms and hurricanes. Weather forecasts are therefore very important to the people and the economy of the state. Particular attention is given to preparation for hurricanes including the evacuation of people to safety. Florida’s extensive coast line made it a perceived target during World War II, so the government built airstrips all around the state.

florida coast

Florida’s coastline with its many islands and coral reefs has been particularly dangerous for shipping. In the Keys many people made their living from salvaging wrecks until a proper system of lighthouses and coastal protection was established. Florida’s coastline consists of four main types of environment. The sandy beaches are most famous as the nesting sites of sea turtles. Along the south west coast and the Keys the mangrove swamp is the main environment. The other two coastal environments of Florida are the coral reefs and the salt marshes and estuaries.

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