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Waving coconut palms on this sun-drenched beach on Pulau Redang in Terengganu make this island gateway the perfect tropical paradise. Redang Island, locally known as Pulau Redang or just “Redang” is one of the largest islands off the east coast of Malaysia. It is a popular holiday island for Malaysians, most of whom come on package deals to one of the resorts. Redang Island is a scuba diver’s paradise.

Pulau Redang in Terengganu, Malaysia

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Located 50km from the mainland and a 2 hour boat ride from the Marang Jetty, the island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, pearly white shores, a colorful array of spectacular marine life, a breathtaking sunset, and what could be the world’s most mature coral garden. This paradise-like island is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle trekking, fishing, boating, and canoeing. Until recently, accommodation has been in the form of chalets, but if you are keen on luxury, an international class hotel had just opened its doors.

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Satellite image of Pulau Redang

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Flower pots etched by the sea at Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, Canada. Hopewell Cape is a Canadian village and headland in Albert County, New Brunswick at the northern end of Shepody Bay and the mouth of the Petitcodiac River. Hopewell Cape is the site of the Hopewell Rocks, a world-famous geological formation accessible at low tide on Shepody Bay. Hopewell Cape is also the site of the Albert County Museum that features an original gaol and courthouse.

Hopewell Rocks, Hopewell Cape, Canada

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Hopewell Rocks, at the Hopewell Cape on the Bay of Fundy, is one of the most unusual sights in the world! An on-site interpretive center is loaded with displays and maps that help to explain the geological phenomenon that occurs here daily. The Fundy Tides are the highest in the world and here at Hopewell Rocks, they have carved four-story sculptures out of the rock, known as “flowerpots,” creating one of the marine wonders of the world.

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Satellite image of Hopewell Cape

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Wollo was a historical region and province in the northeastern part of Ethiopia, with its capital city at Dessie. The province was named after the Wollo Oromo, who settled in this part of Ethiopia in the 17th century.

View at Gishen Amba, Wollo, Ethiopia

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Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela is a small town in the middle of the Ethiopian highlands. It’s surrounded by a rocky and dry area where just in the raining period farmers can grow their crops. Some people call it the 8th world wonder. Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities, second only to Aksum, and is a center of pilgrimage for much of the country.

lalibela, ethiopia

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In Lalibela itself you will find two main groups of churches, one on each side of the river Jordan and one other church set apart from the rest. The town of Roha-Lalibela lies between the first and the second group of churches. It is situated on the higher part of a mountain-terrace on a vast plateau of rock. In one of the churches is a pillar covered with cotton. A monck had a dream in which he saw Christ kissing it. According to the moncks, past, present and future is carved into it.

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Satellite image of Lalibela

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Carolina Moon

Carolina moon rising over the coast of some the most tranquil and artistic scenery in the world. South Carolina is composed of four geographic areas, whose boundaries roughly parallel the northeast/southwest Atlantic coastline. Areas with better drainage make excellent farmland, though some land is swampy. An unusual feature of the coastal plain is a large number of Carolina bays.

carolina moon

What’s interesting there is also a movie called “Carolina Moon” directed by Stephen Tolkin – it is a story of a woman who has psychic visions returns to her hometown to exorcise her demons, and finds both danger and love. You can read more at

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