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This is a postcard from Finland showing some kind of waterfall in forest surrounded by colorful rocks. It looks really nice and mystical. Unfortunately there are only two words on this postcard: NjuoktjajÃ¥kkÃ¥, Lapland so I can’t tell where this place is located.


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If you want to add someting about this postcard or explain what Njuoktjajåkkå means feel free to leave your comment.

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Aerial view of Quebec City

Quebec City is internationally known for its Winter Carnival and the Château Frontenac, a historic hotel which dominates the city skyline. Québec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, making it the seat of the provincial Crown. It is the second largest city in the province, after Montreal. Quebec City is one of the oldest European settlements in North America.

Aerial view of Quebec City

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Practically all sights of interest are in the Old Town (Vieux-Québec), which is divided in two: the walled city on top of the hill is known as Haute-Ville (“Upper Town”), and the neighborhood between the walled city and the river is Basse-Ville (“Lower Town”). The two are connected by the aptly-named Escalier Casse-Cou (“Breakneck Stairs”) and the rather easier funicular.

Satellite image of Quebec City

Quebec City’s main sight is the Old Town, the upper part of which is surrounded by a stone wall built by both French and British armies. It is now a tourist district with many small boutiques and hundreds of historical and photographic points of interest. Some of the buildings are original structures, while others are built in the same style and architecture as former buildings.

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Newton Abbot in Devon

Newton Abbot: located at the head of the Teign estuary is a prosperous market town which is so centrally situated that it fully implements its proud boast that tourists who make the town their centre can visit any beauty spot in Devon and return in time for dinner. Courtney Park near the station is bordered by mid 19th century villas. The town centre has some Georgian brick houses and stucco blocks painted in a variety of pastel shades.

Newton Abbot

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Newton Abbot, Devon is located in the South West of England within Teignbridge District Council’s region. Newton Abbot was once a quiet country market town for rural South Devon with a history dating back to Roman times. Great Western Railways made Newton Abbot a centre for its locomotive and carriage repairs in the mid 1800’s. This lively, bustling town, offers the visitor a whole range of markets as well as historic buildings and lovely parks.

Satellite image of Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot has much to be proud of; St Leonard’s Tower; Decoy Country Park and numerous other town parks; Forde House; Bradley Manor; a Town Quay; six allotment areas; excellent primary and secondary schools; Museum and Railway museum; a leisure centre; a new hospital under construction; the Racecourse to name but a few. Part of Newton Abbot’s heritage is the historic Cheese and Onion Fayre, originally held on 5,6,7 November in honour of Saint Leonard.

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Dartmoor: the mysterious windswept hills of Devon, climbing to over 2,000 feet above sea level, are a paradise for those who wish to leave the turmoil of modern civilisation behind for a while. Picturesque granite-built villages nestle in folds of the moor, such as Widecombe, made famous in song, and antiquties, hut circles and clapper bridges abound. Dartmoor ponies will be found grazing in all parts of the moor.

Grimspound from Hookney Tor, Dartmoor, Devon

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Grimspound was built in the Bronze Age, the actual site covers 4 acres and consists of 24 hut circles enclosed within a stone wall which sits nestled in a small valley at an altitude of 1,477ft (450m). It is situated on Dartmoor, Devon, in the United Kingdom. As with any large site the best place to view the entire settlement is from the air, failing that on Hookner tor which lies to the north west.

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The landscape around this north eastern fringe of the moor is dotted with prehistoric and historic artefacts. There are numerous hut circles, cairns, tumuli and barrows nearby, not to mention the enigmatic Hamel Down Cross and old boundary stones. Today, because of the isolation of the moor, and the dramatic scenery, echoes of the past can easily be heard. It is possible to spend days here exploring the hidden historic and archaeological treasures of the area.

Satellite image of Grimspound

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Karkonosze – Sniezka

The highest peak on the Karkonosze Mountains is the Sniezka (1602 metres above sea level), known as Snezka in the Czech Republic, which is also the highest peak in Czech.

Sniezka - Karkonosze

Sniezka ( 1602 m )is the highest mountain in the Sudety Mountains. On the summit you can visit St Wawrzyniec chapel from the 17th century – St Wawrzyniec is a patron of the tour guides; a meteorological observatory IMGW which looks like a typical flying saucers and a closed czech`s hostel. From Sniezka you have a great view to the panorama of Karkonosze.

sniezka hostel stamp

KARPACZ – a touristic town in Karkonosze mountains with a lovely view to Sniezka mountain. The town is placed close to the river Lomnica; the boundries of the town include also a highest part of Karkonosze with the hill Sniezka ( 1602 m ). For the sake of its location, Karpacz is a great town to carry on sport, both in the summer and winter.

Photos of Sniezka and Karkonosze (September 2007)

karkonosze 31 karkonosze 34karkonosze 49karkonosze 28

SZKLARSKA PORÊBA – a town near Jelania Gora with about 8300 of the inhabitants, it is situated in the river Kamienna Valley. The highest point which still belongs to the boundries of the town (1420 m)is situated on the western slopes of Labski Szczyt. Szklarska Poreba is the biggest touristic town in Sudety. Thanks to its location Szklarska Poreba is a great starting point for every excursion in Karkonosze and Izerskie mountains.

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