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Cofresí is a small tourist enclave just west of Puerto Plata, with a nice bay, a family tourist attraction (Ocean World), and a pretty all-inclusive resort, Sun Village. Puerto Plata (Port of Silver) was founded as far back as 1502; reportedly it still has some Victorian-style houses. But today it’s better known as a busy tourist destination with lower-priced all-inclusives. Expect to find popular, mass-market types of places, busy beaches, and familiar brands such as Pizza Hut.

Cofresi - Puerto Plata, Dominicana

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The only aerial tramway in the Caribbean is located in Puerto Plata. With it, one can ride up to Pico Isabel de Torres, a 793 meter high mountain within the city. The top of the mountain features a botanical garden and a replica of Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Satellite image of Cofresi, Puerto Plata

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Lost Creek Lake

Lost Creek Lake, the Rogue River, in Southern Oregon. Lost Creek Lake is an artificial lake (reservoir) on the Rogue River in Jackson County, Oregon, USA. Formed by a dam on the upper Rogue River, Lost Creek Lake is 3,400 acres in size and averages 136 feet deep. A deep lake, it plunges to over 300 feet in the middle. The rainbow trout stocked here average 10 to 12 inches, but 18- to 20-inchers can be caught as well.

Lost Creek Lake, the Rogue River, in Southern Oregon

Lost Creek Lake’s idyllic location in a heavily wooded canyon makes it a cool and scenic summer retreat, one that’s enjoyed by waterskiers, kayakers and anglers alike. Those hoping to wet a line will find rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and landlocked chinook salmon. Thirty miles of shoreline provide many sheltered spots for whiling away a lazy afternoon; pedal and aqua boats are available for rent for those seeking a leisurely tour.

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Caveman Bridge over the Rouge River

On this postcard you can see the Caveman Bridge over the Rouge River at Grants Pass in Southern Oregon. Caveman Bridge is a bridge in Josephine County, Oregon. It has an elevation of 922 feet.

Caveman Bridge over the Rouge River at Grants Pass in Southern Oregon


Satellite image of the Caveman Bridge

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Made of marble in a contemporary design, the State Capitol Building is adorned with a golden statue of a pioneer. Murals of historic events in Oregon and U.S. history adorn the interior walls. The current building, constructed in 1935 and expanded in 1977, is the third to house the Oregon state government in Salem. Two former capitol buildings were destroyed by fire, one in 1855 and the other in 1935.

Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon

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The many parts of Salem from where the statue atop the Oregon State Capitol Building is visible makes it useful for orientation. A man standing, left hand gripping a coat thrown over his shoulder while the other dangles a large axe, body facing north and head looking west, the piece’s official name is “Oregon Pioneer.”

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Satellite image of Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon

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Texas limestone, terra cotta tiles, stained glass and elaborate plasterwork are just some of the elements embodied in the opulent Moody Mansion and Museum in Galveston. The historic home, circa 1892, is hailed as an extraordinary example of traditional Victorian architecture.

Moody Mansion in Galveston, Texas

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Moody Mansion, the residence of generations of one of Texas’s most powerful families, was completed in 1895. Designed by English architect William Tyndall, the brick Richardsonian Romanesque manse withstood the great storm of 1900. Its interiors of exotic woods and gilded trim are filled with family heirlooms and personal effects. Moody Mansion offers a tour that depicts the home life of a powerful Texas family. The Moodys established one of the great American financial empires. Based on cotton, it grew to include banking, ranching, insurance and hotels.

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Satellite image of Moody Mansion in Galveston, Texas

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