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A Bridge in Korea

This is a night view of a bridge somewhere in Korea. There is no description on this postcard pointing to the location it shows. If you recognize this bridge leave your comment and I will update this post.

bridge in korea

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This is a colorful postcard showing Maribor, Slovenia. Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. It is also the economic and cultural centre of northeastern Slovenia. It is situated at theStara trta cross-section of traffic routes leading from Central to southeastern Europe, and from western Central Europe to the Pannonian Lowland.

A Colorful Postcard from Maribor

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Maribor is considered to be a cheerful, friendly city. Some relate this pleasant situation to its extensive wine-growing regions that routinely invite visits from Maribor residents. These vineyards are part of the natural beauty of the city, along with the Pohorje forests, the valley of the Drava river, the Kozjak and the Kobansko ravines, or the Slovenske Gorice hills and fields at the southeast of the city.

Online map of Maribor in Slovenia:

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The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a monument erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China, in Taipei, Taiwan. A new name for the structure, National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall was announced by President Chen Shui-bian on 19th May 2007.

C.K.S. Memorial Hall in Taipei

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The monument, surrounded by a park, stands at the east end of a large square framed on the north and south by Taiwan’s National Theater and National Concert Hall. The entire plaza is located within sight of Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building in the Zhongzhen District of Taipei.

Satellite image of C.K.S. Memorial Hall in Taipei is in another post showing a postcard from C.K.S. Taipei:

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Fuente Osmena

This postcard shows Fuente Osmena in Cebu City, Philippines. Fuente Osmena is one of city’s most famous landmarks dominating the uptown area where commercial and banking establishments have proliferated. It is a fountain honoring Cebu’s favorite son, the late President Sergio Osmena, Sr. This beautiful fountain, stands at the center of a huge circular park called Fuente Osmena located at uptown Cebu City. The fountain was built to commemorate Cebu’s first waterworks system.

Fuente Osmena in Cebu City, Philippines

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Cebu has gained wide popularity for its fantastic diving grounds evidenced by the proliferation of resorts which offer luxurious accommodations, excellent dive facilities and the services of competent dive masters and dive guides. Cebu’s strategic location makes it ideal for those who wish to travel to the other islands and provinces.

Satellite image of Fuente Osmena in Cebu City:

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This postcard shows a highway junction in or near Birmingham – there is no information about this location. Birmingham is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England. Birmingham was at the heart of the UK’s industrial revolution, and its wealth was built upon the multitude of trades that were spawned. This lead to a massive canal network, with more miles of canals than Venice. A fact that often surprises first-time visitors to the city is that it has more trees and open spaces than any other city in Europe.

Highway Junction in Birmingham

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Birmingham doesn’t have a reputation for being especially picturesque, but there is a lot of interesting architecture in the city centre that the shops and crowds sometimes obscure. For such a (relatively) large population centre, the countryside (in the form of country parks) is surprisingly close. Birmingham’s population is very diverse, and communities from just about any country in the world can be found somewhere. This is turn has led to numerous centres for all the world’s major religions.

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Online map of Birmingham:

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